What is isiXML?

isiXML is a search engine developed in JavaScript where you can make queries to a xml, showing only the necessary data.
The structure when doing those queries is very similar to the one SQL uses.

That is to say you can show the fields you want (SELECT) the filtering options everytime (WHERE).
isiXML allows you to extract the information that you want of a document XML with much facility

Why did i do it ?

Having worked with AJAX and with the passing of time, I found out that in oreder to handle all the data you had to work with XML. Not having the foggiest idea on how to work with DOM under JAVASCRIPT, I learnt to read a XML.

The fact is that while I was running over a XML to read it, I was saving it, so I realized it could be made as a somehow SQL.

And now AJAX this so fashion, I think to make something more or less serious. I must also mention that a long time ago i saw a similar project, that practically i gave me the idea JavaScript DB.


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